Chapter Officers

Chapter Chief: Rachel Kauffman

The Chapter Chief is the principle chapter officer, They are responsible for total chapter program,  and supervise the work of all the officers and committees of the chapter. They Preside at all chapter meeting and represent the chapter at Executive Committees Meetings. They appoint all chapter committee chairs with approval of the chapter advisor. They may call special meetings for the entire chapter or the chapter executive committee. They are also responsible for organizing Cold weather programs, skits at fellowships and chapter camping promotions.

Email: etowah_chief@catawba459.org 

Vice Chapter Chief: Megan Todd

The Vice Chapter Chief is responsible for the execution of the duties pertaining to Chapter Unit Elections. Serves as the chapter lead for the Chapter Unit Elections. They organize, prepare, and present a report of the chapter committees activities at each chapter meeting. They cooperate with the Lodge Vice Chief of Inductions, and work with the Elangomat Committee when training Elangomat.

Email: etowah_vc@catawba459.org 

Vice Chief of Administration: Julia Pearce 

The Vice Chief of Administration is responsible for the exaction of duties regarding publications from the chapter. They record the minutes of each chapter Meeting and prepares a typed copy for the chapter chief and permanent records within 10 days of the meeting. They are also the head of all chapter correspondence.

Email: etowah_vca@catawba459.org 

Chapter Advisors

Chapter Advisor: Joe Kauffman 

Responsible for meeting with the monthly with the Chapter officers and advisors to serve as a mentor, coach, and training of the officers and associate advisers. Works with the youth leaders and chapter chief to ensure chapters success and development of the youth. Assures that the chapter is operating within lodge by-laws and national Order of the Arrow policies. Appoints other adults to server in consultation with the lodge adviser and district executive. Encourages active participation, Attends Chapter meetings, and engages with district leaders about the order of the arrow.

Email: etowah_adviser@catawba459.org

"VCC" Associate Advisor: Christopher Bergen

The Vice Chapter Chief Associate Advisor is responsible for assisting in all the duties pertaining to Chapter elections, they work closely with the Vice Chapter Chief to ensure that we are able to complete all of our unit elections in a timely manner. They help with managing how the information is reported to the lodge, and helping create opportunities' to train youth for unit elections. 

Email: etowah_vc_adviser@catawba459.org

"VCA" Associate Advisor: (Vacant)

The Vice Chapter Chief of Administration Advisor is responsible for assisting the Chapter Vice Chief of Administration in all their duties. They help take notes during the chapter meetings, help in the creation of the meeting minutes, and review the chapter publications before being sent out.


Chapter Associate Advisers: 

Laura Gallant 

Chapter Associate Advisers are adults (age 21 or older) who want to help guide and mentor those within the chapter. They are responsible for anything assigned to them by the Chapter Advisor, and encouraging participation in the OA to those in and outside the chapter.

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