About Us

What Is Etowah?

Etowah is one of three chapters apart of Catawba Lodge 459, We are composed of the south-eastern areas of charlotte in towns like Matthews and Mint Hill. Our Chapter name is from the Muskogee  (Mus·ko·gee /ˌməˈskōɡē/) language and describes a term for town, people, or tribe. In Etowah we like to embrace the meaning of our name by creating a community that all Arrowmen apart of our district can join.

Our Symbol

The Etowah Symbol (As seen to the left) is the skull of a bull surrounded by lime green fire.  We chose the bull to represent the strength of the chapter and the fire to demonstrate our passion about the scout oath and law.

What we do

The Order Of The Arrow is a brotherhood of cheerful service, we strive to demonstrate the values taught in the Boy Scout program and take them a step further both in activity's a leadership. The Order of the Arrow offers opportunities not found in typical scouting programs, We offer specialized high adventure trips, further leadership development, and ways to interact with other troops in your area. This is not all we offer however, when you join the OA many more exclusive programs become open to you, Camping trips only available to those within our order, National Conferences where you can receive world class trainings, even events where you compete in events against other lodges. These events are taken a step up from the normal Boy Scout program allowing you to make memories you will remember long after your time in scouting.

The 2024 Vision

Through the 2023-2024 year, Etowah will work towards strengthening our participation and spirit on a chapter level at all events. We will further our relationship with our units, the district, the council, and the lodge through strong communication. We will strive to uphold the ideals of fellowship, brotherhood, and cheerful service in everything we do. 

The Goals for 2024

How we give back

Our Chapter takes our vow of cheerful service seriously and constantly look for ways to give back to our lodge, our district, and our units. We believe in giving back to those who make our program possible and value the opportunities where we have the chance to say thank you. Our Chapter does not exist without those who support us and will seek out ways to give back the communities that allow us to function.

Our Purpose 

As Scouting’s National Honor Society, our purpose is to: