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What's Next?

Chapter Meetings

Etowah's Chapter meetings are held on the third Wednesday of every month. To keep track of them we highly recommend our - Calendar - which has them all planned out in a google calendar you can subscribe to. Chapter meetings are meant to be fun meetings where all members of the chapter gather to participate in a fun activity and discusses business going on within the chapter.


The main events we have includes Fall Fellowship, Spring Fellowship, Winter banquet, and Conclave. The Fall and Spring Fellowship are the two main events we try and get the biggest attendance four these events, They are similar to camporees in Scouts BSA but on a much higher level. At said Fellowship we host many events and competitions which will determine who gets the green arrow the all mighty prize of Fellowship. If you would like to know more about these events please read the out Lodges description about the events at - Catawba Lodge 459 Event Descriptions

Leadership Positions

The OA contains leadership positions called officer positions. Officers are in charge of running the chapter, there are four main officer roles being the Chapter Chief which is in charge of making sure the chapter is organized and keeps everybody on track. The Vice Chapter Chief which is responsible for running elections for the troops and making sure the troops in our area know about the lodge, Then there is the Chapter Secretary which is responsible for keeping track of all the information we discuses by taking notes and providing minutes at each chapter meeting. Then there is the Spirit Chair which is in charge of making sure things such as decorations for events are put in place and keeping moral high. 

To see our current active officers or if you are interested in learning about the leadership aspect of OA go to - Leadership

Frequently Asked Questions

I just completed my Ordeal What Now?

Congratulations on your completed ordeal and welcome to the chapter. The best way to start participating in the OA is to attend Chapter meetings. We highly recommend attending the next chapter meeting after your ordeal so you can get the most current information and meet all of your fellow Arrowmen. Etowah stands out from the other chapters because of our welcoming spirit, we love to meet our new members and help clear up any confusion they have about starting their journey.  If you have any more questions or want to simply learn more about the OA then we have link some useful resources below.

The National OA Jumpstart Guide

Catawba's Lodge 459 New Members Page

When is the Next Event?

The best place to find events will be our calendar - Etowah's Calendar - or the lodge's calendar - Lodge 459 Calendar

Where is our chapter?

Our chapter does not have a defined location, Our chapter is located where everyone in chapter can agree to meet and discuses what's currently happening and what we want to do

Why should I continue participating in the OA?

The OA provides a unique unity that is hard to find in other areas of scouting. The OA can offer the opportunity to start scouting on a much larger scale than just your troop. With the OA you may meet new people and new troops that you can talk with and learn about then bring it back to your unit. The OA also offers special opportunities for its members as in OA member events only, Special Activities such as totem pole carving, or getting special recognition when participating with your unit. These rewards don't just find you though, you must participate in the OA to see these benefits. Our chapter wants to do more and if you have ideas we would love to hear them. 

How can I do more?

If you are looking to do more in OA then holding a chapter position is a great way to start. We hold elections once a year at Fall Fellowship where we will elect new Etowah Chapter Officers so its important that you come. Attending chapter meetings and going to chapter events is the best way to be involved and start doing more within out chapter. You will meet people this way and that is the key when getting involved, its to be thought of whenever they are considering who to pick when designating a task or responsibility. 

I have previously completed my ordeal but I want to get involved now

Welcome Back! We are excited that you are wanting to come and get involved with out chapter again! Again the best way to do this is to come to chapter meetings. This is where we plan out events, vote on awards, create service projects, talk about elections, and much more. These meetings will be key in getting back into the loop and getting involved again.