Welcome to Etowah's Chapter Website of Lodge 459. Our chapter is composed mainly from the southeastern areas of charlotte like Matthews and Mint Hill. We created this website to help communicate what is happening within our chapter so that you may join us!

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Here you can find our Calendar for Etowah and information about events.

This section talks about how elections should be held, how you can schedule an election for your troop, How to prepare for an election, and what to do after.

What IS Etowah?

The word "Etowah" is from the Muskogee (Mus·ko·gee /ˌməˈskōɡē/) language and describes a term for town, people, or tribe. In Etowah we like to embrace the meaning of our name by creating a proper community that all Arrowmen in the district may join. We welcome all of those who wish to join our chapter and invite them to come participate within our Etowah

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Frequently Asked Questions

I just completed my ordeal what now?

  • Congratulations! You are now an Arrowman! The first thing you should do is visit - Completed Ordeal - This will provide you with a basic understanding of what our chapter is doing and provide you with enough information so don't feel lost.

How can I get involved in the chapter?

  • The best way to get involved in the chapter is to attend chapter meetings. They are held on the 2nd Thursday of every month at Morning Star Lutheran Church. At these meetings we plan and discuss upcoming events, vote on awards, and decide what we should do as a chapter. This is your best source of the most up to date information.

What opportunities does the OA have?

  • The Order of the Arrow provides a very unique style of scouting in terms of activities, ceremonies, leadership and most importantly fun. We attend 3 main events being Fall Fellowship, Spring Fellowship, and conclave. Fellowships are held on the lodge scale, this means that along with Etowah, Sehwatu and Apache also attend. Then there is conclave which is hosted for each section meaning multiple lodges can attend and do similar activities to Fellowship events but on a much larger scale.

How can I pay my Lodge Dues?

What are the Ages for OA Activities

  • In the OA "youth" members is anyone under 18. then there is "youth plus" which is anyone 18-21. Then there are adults which is anyone above the age of 21.

More FAQ's can be found at - National FAQ -