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For Scoutmasters

The OA holds their election cycle during the first three months of the year (Jan - Mar). The best way to request an election is to look for the email that was sent out to all the scoutmasters in January. This email will contain a customized link that will take you to a website called Lodgemaster for your unit to schedule elections. If this email is no longer available to your unit please contact the current Chapter Chief and we will help schedule an election for your unit.

How to prepare for an election

All that is required to hold an election at a meeting is to have scouts that meet the - OA Requirements - , To schedule a meeting with our chapter, and to designate time roughly 15-20 minutes at the beginning of the meeting for our elections teams to hold them. After this nomination process, our team will step off to the side to count the votes while any regular meeting plans advance as normal. Once counted you will be asked to fill out some forums regarding those elected and have a decision whether you would like to announce those elected at that meeting, or the following meeting, The choice is up to the Troop.

Our elections team will bring all the necessary paperwork needed for the election. The only thing we need from the troop is designated time to hold nominations.

Questions about holding elections?

If you have any further questions about how we hold elections please email out Vice Chapter Chief. Their contact information can be found on the - Leadership - page