Chapter Chief: Aedan McAteer

The Chapter Chief is the officer that oversees the Chapter and could be compared to a Senior Patrol Leader for a Troop. The Chapter Chief runs the Chapter Meetings, attends the Lodge Executive Board meetings, represents the Chapter at District Round Table, and any such duties as described in the Lodge By-Laws.

Email: etowah_chief@catawba459.org

Vice Chapter Chief: Seth Moore

The Vice Chapter Chief oversees the Chapter's Unit Election Process and is responsible for organizing election teams, coordinating the unit elections, and scheduling the Chapter Callout. In addition to this the Vice Chapter Chief may take on additional responsibilities appointed to him by the Chapter Chief and any such duties as described in the Lodge By-Laws.

Email: etowah_vc@catawba459.org

Chapter Secretary: Jonathan Doiron

The Chapter Secretary (also known as the Vice Chief of Administration) maintains the minutes from the Chapter Meetings and oversees the administrative side of the chapter (Attendance Rosters, Communications, Records). In addition to this the Chapter Secretary works with the Lodge Vice Chief of Administration to publish articles for the Lodge's newsletter. The Chapter Secretary may also take on any additional responsibilities appointed to him by the Chapter Chief and any such duties as described in the Lodge By-Laws.

Email: etowah_secretary@catawba459.org

Chapter Adviser: Gray Newman

The Chapter Adviser works with the Chapter Chief and all of the other Chapter Officers and Advisers to make sure that the Chapter is meeting the goals set by the Lodge and the needs of the the Scouting Units within the district. In addition to attending Chapter and Lodge events and meetings, the Chapter Adviser is the adult OA representative at District meetings.

Email: etowah_adviser@catawba459.org

Vice Chapter Chief Adviser: Jim Hagwood

The Vice Chapter Chief Adviser guides the Vice Chapter Chief through the Unit Election Process and maintains the Unit Election Records the Chapter provides to the Lodge. The Vice Chapter Chief Adviser also organizes the Adult members of the unit election teams.

Email: etowah_vc_adviser@catawba459.org

Chapter Secretary Adviser: Andy Robinson

The Chapter Secretary Adviser aids the Chapter Secretary with Chapter communications by reviewing and editing any Chapter communications sent to Arrowmen and Scouting Units. The Chapter Secretary Adviser also serves as an administrator for the Chapter Website and helps the Chapter Secretary maintain valuable and useful records.

Email: etowah_secretary_adviser@catawba459.org

Chapter Committees

While not included in the Lodge's By-Laws, the Chapter Committees and Chairmen are important to help the chapter run efficiently and to provide Arrowmen in the Chapter an opportunity to be more involved with the decisions the Chapter makes. Chapter Committees are created at the discretion of the Chapter Officers and the Committee Chairs are appointed by the officer that the committee falls under. The following are some examples of previous examples of committees the Chapter has used in the past:

  • Quartermaster

  • Spirit

  • Unit Elections