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What Is the OA?

The OA is a official recognized program of scouting where scouts that best exemplify the scout virtues of cheerful service, camping, and leadership can meet. Founded in 1915, just seven years after Robert Baden-Powell started scouting, the Order of the Arrow became the uniquely American "honor society of scouting". The development and origin of these two programs are interwind like a knot. During Scouting's early years E. Urner Goodman, a then 25 year old scoutmaster started to focus of creating methods of teaching scouts that the skills taught in scouting were not enough in hopes of teaching them that the principles of the Oath and Law should become part of there lives as scouts. He created a special program for those picked out of the troop by their fellows scouts who thought they exemplified these principles would participate in. This program would become the early stages of the Order of the Arrow showing the scouts that the principles of scouting are just as important as the skills.

What we do in the OA

While some aspects of the OA are secretive it is well know that out main goal is to complete cheerful service and devote ourselves to the welfare of others. The OA does not want to compete for your members in your unit. The OA is place you can send your higher achieving scouts to help them develop farther and have fun with people of the same level of maturity as them.

Why Should my Unit be involved with the OA

The OA provides the best place for your scouts within your unit to understand and help guide others in the principles of scouting. This program helps everyone to understand the meaning behind the Oath and Law while having fun at the same time. The OA can also provide many opportunities for your scouts and adults to practice the leadership that they learned within the unit and apply it on a larger scale. The OA program is the best way to reward and recognize your higher achieving participants within your unit.

How do I get my Unit Involved

Your should first make sure you have eligible scouts the requirements to be eligible can be found at - OA National Membership Website - Once you have found out who you have eligible for the OA you can look at our - Unit Elections - page to start requesting a unit election. After requesting a OA election we will confirm it with you and then send a inductions team out to your units meeting and hold elections.

I want to learn more about the OA before I join where do I find that information?

The best source for information about the OA if from the - National Website -

How to prepare for your ordeal

The Ordeal is a journey within your own character. Each candidate will bring something different out of their Ordeal, as it is intended to be a time of reflection. It is upon this journey that a candidate comes to a deeper understanding of the Scout Oath, the Scout Law, and the principles of the Order of the Arrow. Reflection on your own Scout life and character help create this understanding. The Ordeal includes four principle elements which will be learned as you under-go your ordeal. these four elements of the Ordeal provide a meaningful and inspiring experience for the candidate. They allow the total participation of the mind and spirit.

The Lodge also contains very good information on what to pack, how to check in, what will be expected of you, and much more. All that can be found at - Catawba Lodge 459 Ordeal Information -

Order of the Arrow Structure

"The Order of the Arrow has three distinct organizational levels; lodges, sections, and regions. Lodges carry out the Order of the Arrow program at the local level and are closely tied with BSA councils. Sections consist of several lodges within a geographic region and regions, in turn, consist of sections within a geographic region of the United States. Lodges, sections, and regions each have a distinct set of responsibilities that ensures the OA program runs smoothly." - National OA Website

More information can be found at - National OA Website Organization and Structure -