Awards and Honors

Vigil Honor

Every year at Fall Fellowship Catawba Lodge honors youth and adult brothers in our lodge with the highest honor of the Order - the Vigil Honor. Nominations are open year round and must be submitted to the Lodge's Vigil Committee by Spring Fellowship. To be eligible brothers must have been a Brotherhood member for at least 2 years. The Vigil Honor is meant to recognize Arrowmen that have contributed great service to the Lodge, Council, and greater Scouting.

Jesse Everidge Youth Arrowman of the Year Award - (Chapter)

Mr Everidge, now deceased, was a long time Scouter, serving more than 50 years with Troop 65. He was a Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmaster with Troop 65. He earned the OA Crenshaw Award in 1974 and received the Founders Award in 1983. He is a Silver Beaver recipient.

Jesse Everidge Chapter Arrowman of the Year - Youth

Bob Dula Adult Arrowman of the Year Award - (Chapter)

Mr. Dula, now deceased, was a long-term Scouter in our council for about 50 years and earned many awards: the Life Time Achievement Award in 2006, the Founders Award in 2003, and he is a Silver Beaver recipient. He was a veteran of the United States Armed Forces. His last position with the OA was on the Cook Team and the team’s bunk houses are named for him.

Bob Dula Chapter Arrowman of the Year - Adult

OA Crenshaw Arrowman of the Year Award (Youth and Adult) - (Lodge)

The OA (Olvin Alexander) Crenshaw Arrowman of the Year Award is given to one adult and one or more youth per year for outstanding service to the Lodge. All members of the Lodge may make nominations for the Arrowman of the year Award. The youth recipient is voted on by adults and the adult recipient is voted on by youth. It is voted on at the September Executive Committee Meeting. These Awards are presented at the Lodge's annual banquet in December.

OA Crenshaw Arrowman of the Year

Founders Award (Youth and Adult) - (Lodge)

Introduced at the 1981 National Order of the Arrow Conference, the Founder's Award was created to honor and recognize those Arrowmen who have given outstanding service to the lodge. The award is reserved for an Arrowmen who demonstrates to fellow Arrowmen that he or she memorializes in his or her everyday life the spirit of achievement as described by founder E. Urner Goodman and co-founder Carroll A. Edson. The Award is a handsome bronze medallion bearing the likenesses of E. Urner Goodman and co-founder Carroll A. Edson, with wooden base and brass plate suitable for engraving. Also available is a special Founder's Award arrow ribbon, with a gold colored arrow suspended from a red ribbon. Lodges may petition the National Order of the Arrow Committee to present up to four awards annually, based on lodge membership. If the lodge presents more than one award, one must be to a youth under the age of 21.

Founders Award

Etowah Chapter Service Award

To earn the Etowah Service Award an Arrowmen must do the following:

·Attend 2 Lodge Events

·Attend 2 Chapter Events

·Attend 2 Committee Meetings

-Lodge events include: Spring Fellowship, Beaver Days/May Ordeal, June Ordeal, August Ordeal, and Fall Fellowship

-Chapter events include: Teaching at Cold Weather Camping, Holding an election for a troop, weighing food at Scouting for Food, and participating during our Day of Service

-Committee meetings include: Etowah chapter meetings, Lodge Executive Board meetings, and any committee meetings including, but not limited to, dance team, flute team, ceremony team, and drum team.

-After fulfilling the requirements for the service award, it may be purchased for $6. If you attend an additional chapter event and lodge event (3 lodge, 3 chapter, and 2 meetings) you may purchase a second patch for $4.

-Attendance eligibility for the award resets on January 1st of each year. There are no exceptions to this rule so if you have any questions email the Chapter Chief

-Once you have completed ALL requirements for the Chapter Service Patch, email the Chapter Chief with all events you have attended and you can receive your patch at the next chapter meeting.