Journey To Excellence

Fellow Arrowmen,

    Our goal for the 2013-2014 OA fiscal year is to achieve the bronze level of
Journey to Excellence at the Chapter Level. In order to achieve this, we need your help in
every way possible. Please make an effort to attend as many events as possible. We hope
that this encourages you to get active and look forward to seeing you soon. Below is the
plan for Etowah Chapter.

With Regards,
Etowah Leadership Team


Fiscal Management: Manage chapter revenue and expense according to council-lodge
established procedures and leadership.
-Establish financial target for the chapter COMPLETED
-Establish a fundraiser plan


Membership Impact: Experience positive growth in membership in the chapter over the
previous year.
-Grow membership in chapter by at least 3%

Ordeal Completion: Complete induction of elected ordeal candidates.
-Complete induction of at least 60% of all elected candidates

Brotherhood Conversion: Convert eligible Ordeal members to Brotherhood.
-Convert at least 30% of eligible Brotherhood candidates

Membership Retention: Improve retention rate of chapter members.
-Achieve at least 50% of registered OA members in the chapter (members who have paid


Unit Elections: Conduct unit elections in district troops and teams desiring them.
-Complete at least 90% of unit elections from requesting units

Lodge, Section, and National OA Event Attendance: Attend lodge, section and national
OA events.
-Set and achieve a target goal for chapter attendance COMPLETED
-Achieve at least 40% of chapter attendance at all Lodge events

Chapter Communications: Maintain active communications within the chapter.
-Create a Chapter Communication plan 
-Constantly communicate with OA Representatives 
-Write at least one article per month for the Lodge Newsletter 

Chapter Meetings and Event Participation: Improve chapter membership participation at
chapter meetings and events.
-Create a goal for attendance at Chapter events/meetings COMPLETED
-Exceed the goal by at least 20%

Chapter Planning: Maintain an active planning process that guides chapter program and
supports the lodge’s plans.
-Have a written annual plan approved by the LEB; Submit approved plan to District
Executive and Committee

Lodge Designated Support: Complete lodge executive committee designated programs or
-Complete two programs or projects

District and Council Service

District/Council Service Projects: Complete District Executive/Scout Executive approved
service project(s) on Council property or in the community.
-Complete enough man-hours that equal 2 hours or more per each chapter member

District/Council Camping Support: Conduct camp promotion contacts to district troops
and teams.
-Contact 75% of troops every other month about upcoming camping activities

District/Council Program Support: Provide OA member staff support for district and/or
council program events.

District/Council Designated Support: Complete district executive and/or Scout Executive
designated program support projects.
-The chapter is to hold its chapter meetings on the same night and at
the same location as the district roundtable for Scoutmasters.
-The chapter Key 3 is to meet with the district executive at least
quarterly to discuss progress in the chapter.
-The chapter holds a chapter meeting or gathering at a district event
such as a camporee. COMPLETED
-The chapter is to provide manpower, resources, and/or program
assistance in support of the district Cub Scout outdoor program or
conducts at least two Cub Scout/Webelos Arrow of Light crossover
ceremonies for Cub Scout packs requesting them.
-The chapter is to conduct a call out ceremony during the campfire
at the district camporee.

Leadership and Governance

Chapter Leadership: Participate in and/or conduct at least one LLDC during the year
with qualified instructors using current material.
-Have at least 75% of leadership in the Chapter attend the LLDC COMPLETED

Annual Report: Submit a written annual report of chapter accomplishments to the lodge
executive committee and/or district committee.
-Written and verbal report given to the Lodge Executive Board, District Committee, and
Executive by Youth Leadership in the Chapter 

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