Unit Elections

For Scoutmasters

Scoutmaster's or their designee are expected to coordinate with the Chapter's Unit Election Team in order to schedule an election for their troop. This can be done by:

1.) Email/Phone to the Vice Chapter Chief or the Vice Chapter Chief Adviser

2.) Through contact with the Etowah Election Team Captain assigned to your Unit

3.) Using the online sign up form on this page

OA elections are for the youth (under the age of 21) and units may nominate adult leaders into the OA. For more information about the requirements for membership in the Order of the Arrow please visit the scouting.org page. The number of adults a unit gets to nominate depends on the number of youth elected. All adults are required to meet the same camping requirements as the youth. Adult nomination forms need to be sent to to the email address mentioned on the form provided by the Unit Election Team.

Etowah Troop Unit Election Request Form

For Unit Election Teams

In order to serve on a Unit Election Team, an Arrowman must attend the Chapter's Unit Election Team Training which is held at the Chapter's December Meeting. Once your training has been completed you will be placed on the Chapter's Unit Election Team Contact list and you will be eligible to serve an Etowah Unit Election Team.

Prior to Election Season (January - March) the Chapter Vice Chief will designate experienced Election Team Member to be Team Captains and will assign Troops to these captains. Election Team Captains will be responsible to contact each unit assigned to them and schedule/verify the Unit's OA Election for the year. Once the election has been scheduled the Election Team Captain will need to reach out and build their election team for the scheduled election (must include at least one youth & one adult (21+) that is not a registered member of the Unit the election is for).

Below are some resources Unit Election Team Members may need for the season. For more information, please contact the Vice Chapter Chief or Vice Chapter Chief Adviser.

YouTube Video

The 2016 Election season is underway with election training held 12/8/2015. Scoutmasters - An Etowah Chapter Election Team Captain will be contacting you to confirm your election date. 

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